The Romans Group (TRG) is a global company based in the United States. We were founded in 2010 and have been dedicated to our mission, vision and values to ensure we are always focused on providing exceptional health care advisory services to our clients worldwide. TRG’s global presence and mindset are reflected in our areas of expertise—both within and beyond the business of strategic planning, service line or specialty hospital development, growth and design, and operating healthcare facilities. TRG identifies as and commits itself to being a national and global resource dedicated to transforming healthcare.

Our consulting services span the spectrum from initial concept development and demand modeling to the establishment of fully operational, high quality healthcare facilities. We are trusted advisors to our clients including healthcare systems, insurance companies, state-owned entities, and universities. We collaborate with partners to solve their most challenging issues, enabling them to create a sustainable organization. We are a global team and bring the best of TRG to every project.


Our partnerships are important to us. TRG prides itself on the relationships it develops and maintains with clients over many years. We develop programs tailored to a client’s unique context and competitive advantage. We celebrate our clients’ successes as our own. In addition to our valued connections in the United States medical communities, our partners span the globe with lasting relationships in Latin America, China and the Middle East.

Disciplined Expertise
Although we bring talented clinicians to the table, TRG believes that just as vital is bring talented project managers to the project to see it through. Every project is managed by a seasoned project manager. These experts set the drum beat for the project ensuring we cross the finish line on time and within budget. TRG’s team of Associates consists of hospital administrators, nurses, physical therapists, psychologists, social workers, systems and industrial engineers, financial experts, and IT specialists. Although they are TRG’s personnel, our teams become part of your team, striving for seamless collaboration and dedicated support. Our Associates bring many areas of expertise to the table.

TRG’s leadership team, associates and partners are all brought to our clients’ advantage, augmenting our core competencies.
We will reach out to find the skillset necessary to meet every need.

Corporate Development

Strategy Development


Documentation Control

Market Feasibility Analysis

Process Improvement & Lean Six Sigma

Growth Management

Innovation & Product Line Development

Technology & Digital Transformation

Policy and Program Development

Business Plan Development

Change Management

Operational Efficiency

People & Organization Development

Project Management

Leadership Development/Recruitment

Operational Flow Design

Systems Modeling