TRG possesses decades of experience in hospital operations. This experience enables TRG to evaluate existing facilities and make recommendations to not only improve the financial picture but also to enhance the delivery of quality patient care. We have honed these techniques during our careers that create a model of operation that is a process known to function at peak efficiency while providing excellent care.

Let TRG assist you in a thorough assessment of your current operations. We can also offer expert advice to guide you through changes necessary to modify and streamline your business, clinical and management departments using our proven techniques for improved performance and profitability.

TRG’s leadership team, associates and partners are all brought to our clients’ advantage, augmenting our core competencies.
We will reach out to find the skillset necessary to meet every need.

Corporate Development

Strategy Development


Documentation Control

Market Feasibility Analysis

Process Improvement & Lean Six Sigma

Growth Management

Innovation & Product Line Development

Technology & Digital Transformation

Policy and Program Development

Business Plan Development

Change Management

Operational Efficiency

People & Organization Development

Project Management

Leadership Development/Recruitment

Operational Flow Design

Systems Modeling